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Personal Injury Articles

What is a Personal Injury Case?

What are Personal Injury Cases? Personal injuries cases are the most common legal cases in America, and they result in millions of court cases every year. Personal injuries occur because of no fault of the victim; they typically occur because of the negligence of the defendant. The cases can be extremely complicated with two or…

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Liability of Pilots

Transportation Law: Air Transportation: Personal Injury & Property Damage In almost every aircraft accident, whether the accident involves a commercial aircraft or a private aircraft, one of the first considerations is whether the pilot’s negligence was the cause of the accident. A pilot who is in command of an aircraft is the person who is…

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Personal Injury Tort Law – Generally

Apart from legislation granting a right to sue for a specific harm, personal injury law generally consists of tort law and the civil procedure for enforcing it. This article discusses the words used to describe those who commit torts and how tort law is a particular collection of accepted legal theories for suing people for…

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Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress

People may suffer emotional distress that manifests itself as mental suffering, mental anguish, nervous shock, fright, horror, grief, shame, humiliation, embarrassment, anger, chagrin, disappointment, worry, and nausea. Historically, claims for damages for emotional distress caused by a defendant’s negligence were usually denied. However, almost every state now recognizes the right to recover for negligent infliction…

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State Laws Regarding Recreational Boating Accidents

State laws govern lawsuits regarding recreational boating accidents only if federal laws and the general maritime law do not apply. Federal laws and the general maritime law may apply to a lawsuit even if the lawsuit is filed in a state court. However, if a plaintiff waives the federal laws or the general maritime law,…

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